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Bags and Sheets Automated Production Lines - Futura 2000 DSDP

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High-quality Plastic bags and sheets production

Bags and Sheets Automated Production Lines - Futura 2000 DSDPP 

The Futura 2000 DSDP Line is an automatic production line for large bags and sheets with automatic folding and stacking on EPAL or oversized pallets.

The Futura 2000 DSDPP Line consists of:

1.Futura 2000 DS double sealing bar welding machine
2.Raised folder
3.Automatic stacker

1. Futura 2000 DS double sealing bar welding machine

Futura 2000 DS double sealing bar welding machine for making both open mouth bottom seal bags from tubular films, and open mouth side seal bags from single-folded films. Film materials include HDPE and LDPE, also REGENERATED.

The machine can work with one or two sealing bars without the need for mechanical modifications.

Versatility, reliability, welding quality, and simplicity of use are the main features of this machine.


Production formats with tubular film range from 200 to 5000 mm in length with a useful welding width of 2000 mm.Manufacturing formats with single-folded film range from 100 to 2000 mm in length with a width of 5000 mm. It has been designed to process very thick materials and larger sizes, without excluding all other workable sizes. Changes in length and thickness do not lead to production downtime.
All functions of the welding machine are programmed via a terminal with a large display for entering production parameters and displaying diagnostic messages. The Futura 2000 DS welding machine is equipped as standard with:
  • Load-bearing structure, stabilized and made of noble metals.
  • Reel holder complete with shafts and braking system.
  • Roller conveyor with special reinforced profiles.
  • Welding unit fitted with nickel/chromium convex sealing strips and automatic heat control to obtain homogeneous and resistant welding.
  • Brushless servomotor to ensure constant control of the material infeed speed in sync with the welding bar. 
  • Feed rollers units are protected by a patented anti-rolling system.

2.Raised folder

2/4/8 folds + Side wing folder for bags and sheets of up to 5000 mm length.

3.Automatic stacker 

For bags and folded sheets up to 1800 mm high with the automatic winding of stretch film.

General Features

VIARA s.r.l.
Country of origin:
2 Year
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Available voltage 60 Hz :
3 Ph / 380 - 400 Volt
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